War in the Pacific is a personal, non-commercial website by former Saipan-based print journalist Lexi Zotomayor, highlighting the experiences of World War II veterans and survivors in the Marianas (Saipan, Tinian, Rota and Guam), the Philippines and elsewhere in the Pacific.

The articles are categorized by region as mentioned above.

It is the hope of this writer that errors of fact will be pointed out by the readers. Should there by any image that may have inadvertently been released here without prior consent, kindly email us and it will be taken down immediately.

War in the Pacific intends to share the experiences of the greatest generation to the young so they may be inspired by the veterans and survivors’ life experiences.

Contributions from the public are welcome. If you have diaries, letters, and photographs from WWII that you would like curated and shared with the public, kindly send an email for arrangements regarding postage or pick-up.